MoCo Kitchen at Mactaquac is owned and operated by Chef Brian Foster and Mark Dunbar.



Brian Foster



Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Chef Brian Foster’s career in kitchens began at the young age of 12, washing dishes in a truck stop in his hometown.  It was here he began to recognize his passion for the industry and food.  He continued utilizing his talents when he moved to Fredericton in 2002 as part of the team that introduced the Snooty Fox and Cannon’s Cross Pubs to the city.  


After helping establish these two restaurants as places to enjoy great pub food in Fredericton, he returned to Ontario tocontinue pursuing his calling.  There, he enjoyed successful careers at such exclusive establishments as Peller Estates Winery in Niagara-On-the-Lake and Cucci Modern Italian Ristorante in Oakville


While he valued his time in Upper Canada and the experience gained there, the East Coast lifestyle called to him.  Chef Foster places a strong emphasis on balancing his culinary career with enjoying valuable time with his growing, young family.  Since returning to Fredericton, he has been sharing his learnings and helping young people discover their own talents in the same way that he was encouraged.  Foster’s culinary philosophy makes sense – he offers simple, honest ingredients in his dishes, paired with the utmost attention to detail during preparation and presentation.  He has developed his own unique flair and his passion reflects the growing trend towards a healthier and more down-to-earth lifestyle.


And just in case you’re curious, in typical family first fashion, he created the name “MOCO” with his children Morgan and Cole in mind.